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PRODUCT ONLY AVAILABLE FOR DESIGN CLASS PARTICIPANTS.  The next Radebaugh floral design workshop will be held on Wednesday, March 18, at 6pm at our Design Center located on 50 Aigburth Ave.  Total cost of the workshop will be $53.00.  This includes all materials and instruction to make the arrangement shown; plus light refreshments will be available.  Finished product is yours to enjoy!  By purchasing this item you will be reserving your spot in the floral design workshop.  To sign up for the workshop begin the online checkout process.  The first box will prompt you to choose your form of delivery.  Select "I Will Pick This Up In Store".  Then select March 18th at 5pm as your pick up date and time.  Enter your name on the following screen and select Floral Design Class as your occasion.  Please enter "floral design workshop" as both your card message and your signature.  Lastly, fill in the billing information and make your purchase.  Please remember to bring apron gloves and floral tools.  These items can be supplied in the event you forget them.