Celebrating Dad with Father’s Day Gifts

While we have come to celebrate Father’s Day every third Sunday June, many do not realize that it was inaugurated in the early 20th century to complement Mother’s Day, the holiday from which it has derived.

Our Hot Off the Grill floral design, perfect for Father’s Day!

Father’s Day has been speculated to have started in 1910 in Spokane, Washington by Sonora Smart Dodd – the daughter of a Civil War veteran who raised her and her five siblings as a single parent after their mother died in childbirth. Dodd heard a sermon in church about Mother’s Day, then decided that fathers should have a similar day where they are rightfully recognized. With the help of the local YMCA, she campaigned for the event and the supposed “first Father’s Day” was celebrated in Spokane. Other American towns and cities later followed the celebration, though it is argued that Father’s Day originated from another source. Grace Golden Claymont of Fairmont, West Virginia was said to have suggested a day to celebrate fatherhood in 1908 after a mine explosion in a neighboring town killed 360 men. She contended that the children in the town needed a day set aside to remember their fathers.

It was not until a few decades later that the holiday was officially recognized by an American president; in 1962, Lyndon B. Johnson put the day on the country’s official calendar, and in 1972, President Nixon made it a permanent national holiday. Today, Americans recognize the third Sunday in June as Father’s Day, and many look for gifts and ways to set aside time to spend with Dad.

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While some of the top sellers for Father’s Day include ties, DIY tools, and electronic equipment, look for something unexpected and sweet, like the gift of flowers, plants, and gourmet baskets. Let Radebaugh’s help you with your Father’s Day gifts!  Indoor green plants like peace lilies and succulent gardens are perfect companions for an office or at-home work space, and they help clean the air. For flowers, our special Ford Pickup Bouquet includes a colorful array of flowers in a classic blue 1948 Ford F-1, and the Weber Hot off the Grill design is a special display of flowers arranged in a cute miniature grill container, perfect for the guy who likes to barbecue!

Other gift ideas cater to fans of local teams; we have Ravens and Orioles-themed floral pieces like The Baltimore Ravens Tailgating Tin and the Orioles Magic Bouquet. We even have special Baltimore sports-based snack buckets like the Ravens Party Bucket, filled with candy bars, nuts, and other sweet and salty items along with the Orioles Bases Loaded Party Bucket, topped with root beer, peanuts, and other ballpark treats. If you’re interested in more delectable gift options for Father’s Day, visit the gifts tab on our website to view our generous selection of fruit and gourmet baskets, and be sure to check out our Treasures of Maryland basket, perfect for the dad who loves Old Bay seasoning, Berger Cookies, Zeke’s coffee, UTZ crab chips, and other Maryland and Baltimore goodies.

Go for the unexpected this Father’s Day and surprise Dad with a gift he’ll remember many Father’s Days from now! Shop with Radebaugh Florist and Greenhouse and we’ll help you pick out a present that will be sure to make your father smile!