Fall In Love with the Season

Pretty pansies in jewel tones.

The ending of warmer weather does not have to mean the ending of fresh flowers and plants. Celebrate autumn with the arrival of special blooms and colors, and embrace colder air and sweater weather with Radebaugh Florist and Greenhouses.

Sweaters, hats, purses, and more to keep you cozy.

Autumn in our greenhouses means seasonal blooming plants like asters and their subspecies, mums, perfect for your cozy doorstep or charming autumn garden. These perennials like cooler air and ample sunshine, so be sure to give them both when you plant. Annuals like pansies are another autumn favorite. Use their multiple colors and faces to spice up your garden with some jewel-toned flavor. For the perfect fall flowers, look for warm colors and seasonal blooms in floral designs. To make any design more memorable, keep your eye out for special vases and containers; visit our fall flowers page to see our variety of autumn vases and containers like pumpkin sand wood boxes, or bring in your own unique basket, homey vase, or whatever flower holder you have into our store for a distinct design, get creative with fall flower creations!

Autumn flowers bursting with warm color.

Our store is the place to stop for fall décor. Browse for comforting, woolly sweaters and snuggle up with scarves in rustic colors to remind you of autumn leaves and harvest on the farm. Fall into sweet, nostalgic memories with reds, oranges, browns, and autumn flavors and scents. Illuminate your home with a fresh fall candle, or satisfy your sweet tooth with some delicious local Wockenfuss chocolates. However you choose to celebrate autumn’s arrival, do it with some floral flair and embrace the beauty of the natural change in season.

Gifts In Store

At Radebaugh Florist and Greenhouses, we have plenty of flowers and plants to keep our small business going and growing, but many customers don’t know that we sell beautiful gifts fit for a boutique. A visit into our store on Burke Avenue in Towson showcases all that we have to offer.

A bright and bold necklace, one of many to choose from.

With flowers on the forefront, our shop offers lovely items to complement the natural beauty of plants and florals. Inside you’ll find colorful jewelry from Coco + Carmen, Ruff-Skch, and other artistic brands. Designs include starfish, pineapples, and chic modern shapes and forms for all sorts of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Capri Blue candles, which customers would normally have to buy at Anthropologie or Amazon.com, are also sold in the shop, and we sell a variety of warm scents to fit whatever mood you are in. Our summer display of candles come in a variety of scents from island vacation to clean laundry.

Capri Blue candles, light scarves, jewelry, Radebaughs has it all!

Our shop is stocked with clothing accessories that relate to the season in which they are displayed. This summer, we have fun beach tote bags with mermaid and watermelon pictures printed on them. For lighter summer wear, we have tropical-themed scarves perfect for a weekend getaway or a trip to the beach. Other nautical and vacation-inspired items include organic patterned clutches and handbags, and a special collection of island-themed pillows with fun printed flamingos and pineapples.

Bright patterns and designs for summer fun!

Looking for housewarming giftware? We offer all kinds of platters, dishes, and fancy silverware which accentuate gourmet appetizers or party foods. Don’t visit a loved one empty-handed, shop our kitchen and party giftware for great present ideas for friends or family. We also offer a great selection of local products, from Wockenfuss chocolates to pair with flowers for that special someone, or lovely ink and watercolor cards created by local artists. For a better understanding of our shop’s unique and cute boutique set-up, come visit us in Towson and browse for the perfect gift to accentuate any floral design.



Celebrating Dad with Father’s Day Gifts

While we have come to celebrate Father’s Day every third Sunday June, many do not realize that it was inaugurated in the early 20th century to complement Mother’s Day, the holiday from which it has derived.

Our Hot Off the Grill floral design, perfect for Father’s Day!

Father’s Day has been speculated to have started in 1910 in Spokane, Washington by Sonora Smart Dodd – the daughter of a Civil War veteran who raised her and her five siblings as a single parent after their mother died in childbirth. Dodd heard a sermon in church about Mother’s Day, then decided that fathers should have a similar day where they are rightfully recognized. With the help of the local YMCA, she campaigned for the event and the supposed “first Father’s Day” was celebrated in Spokane. Other American towns and cities later followed the celebration, though it is argued that Father’s Day originated from another source. Grace Golden Claymont of Fairmont, West Virginia was said to have suggested a day to celebrate fatherhood in 1908 after a mine explosion in a neighboring town killed 360 men. She contended that the children in the town needed a day set aside to remember their fathers.

It was not until a few decades later that the holiday was officially recognized by an American president; in 1962, Lyndon B. Johnson put the day on the country’s official calendar, and in 1972, President Nixon made it a permanent national holiday. Today, Americans recognize the third Sunday in June as Father’s Day, and many look for gifts and ways to set aside time to spend with Dad.

Gardening tools and equipment are available in the greenhouse!

While some of the top sellers for Father’s Day include ties, DIY tools, and electronic equipment, look for something unexpected and sweet, like the gift of flowers, plants, and gourmet baskets. Let Radebaugh’s help you with your Father’s Day gifts!  Indoor green plants like peace lilies and succulent gardens are perfect companions for an office or at-home work space, and they help clean the air. For flowers, our special Ford Pickup Bouquet includes a colorful array of flowers in a classic blue 1948 Ford F-1, and the Weber Hot off the Grill design is a special display of flowers arranged in a cute miniature grill container, perfect for the guy who likes to barbecue!

Other gift ideas cater to fans of local teams; we have Ravens and Orioles-themed floral pieces like The Baltimore Ravens Tailgating Tin and the Orioles Magic Bouquet. We even have special Baltimore sports-based snack buckets like the Ravens Party Bucket, filled with candy bars, nuts, and other sweet and salty items along with the Orioles Bases Loaded Party Bucket, topped with root beer, peanuts, and other ballpark treats. If you’re interested in more delectable gift options for Father’s Day, visit the gifts tab on our website to view our generous selection of fruit and gourmet baskets, and be sure to check out our Treasures of Maryland basket, perfect for the dad who loves Old Bay seasoning, Berger Cookies, Zeke’s coffee, UTZ crab chips, and other Maryland and Baltimore goodies.

Go for the unexpected this Father’s Day and surprise Dad with a gift he’ll remember many Father’s Days from now! Shop with Radebaugh Florist and Greenhouse and we’ll help you pick out a present that will be sure to make your father smile!


Ideas for Mother’s Day

A variety of herbs for mom’s spring garden.

Mother’s Day is meant for moms of all kinds, both traditional and nontraditional. From grandmothers, aunts, godmothers, friends, neighbors, and all those that play the role of mom in your life, let them know how you feel about their constant care and support. Surprise them with a gift they’ll love and cherish.

Spring is the perfect season for Mother’s Day, it’s the best time of the year to find brightly blooming flowers and plants! Roses and carnations are always a classic, they’re great for showing admiration for the mother you love, but there are also dozens of other flowers that signify adoration and the beauty of spring that would make for a great Mother’s Day gift. Consider a jewel-toned palette when setting up a design for your mother, the colors will remind her of a lovely spring garden.

Love Squared, a special Mother’s Day design.

With the idea of a garden in mind, there are plenty of options for unique gifts. Look for hydrangea, a full flower to cover a solid base of a floral design, irises, which look luminous and pretty in deep blues, and fun and perky gerbera daisies to provide sprouts of color. The glass vase can be a staple centerpiece for your mother’s kitchen table, or it could be used in a smaller cube shape as a simple but sweet reminder of your gratitude. A small vase or cube is fit for a coffee or end table in your loved one’s home, and it would even look nice on her work desk, where she can show it off to her coworkers. For a grander approach to Mother’s Day flowers, try a large basket brimming with greens and fresh cut flowers. The overall presence will remind your mother of a lush garden, altogether in one very special basket.

Jewelry and other gifts are available in the shop!

Herbs make for useful gifts for the mothers out there who like to keep a spice garden. Thyme, Basil, Cilantro, and other favorites are a great way for your mother to embrace warmer weather and fresh spring and summer cooking. Keep an eye out for planters and herb gardens and make a collection of your mother’s favorite cooking herbs to give to her. Make it even more memorable with a unique or hand-painted pot, she’ll love having a more personalized touch to her present!

There are many ways to approach a floral gift for your mother, relative, friend, or special one this Mother’s Day. Let Radebaugh’s help you make some memories on this day commemorating our mothers by giving us a call, coming to our shop, or visiting us online to see what lovely spring creation we can make for you on Mother’s Day.

The Origins of Administrative Professionals Day

During the last full week of April, American offices and businesses recognize Administrative Professional’s Week, with a special Administrative Professional’s Day celebrated that Wednesday. While it is not a public American holiday, it is regarded as a national observance where workplaces acknowledge the contributions of their administrative professionals, which may include but are not limited to: secretaries, receptionists, assistants, and other employees and staff that comprise administrative personnel. Various countries all around the world acknowledge the holiday and hold annual recognitions for offices and their employees.

The Office Orchids design is a sweet reminder of thanks for employees at work.

Its origins tie back to WWII, when there was a need for skilled administrative staff due to a boom in American post-war business. In 1942, the National Secretaries Association was founded, recognizing the work of administrative personnel and their contributions to the economy while simultaneously attracting potential workers in the administrative fields. A couple significant people involved in the creation of Administrative Professional’s Day and Week include Mary Barrett, a former president of the association, now called the International Association of Administrative Professionals, C. King Woodbridge, the president of Dictaphone Corporation, and Harry F. Klemfuss, a public relations account executive at Young & Rubicam.

Desktop Daisy adds sunshine to any desk!

In 1952, the U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Charles Sawyer, proclaimed the first observance of National Secretary’s Week that June 1st through 7th, and a specific National Secretary’s Day was set to be celebrated that Wednesday. Three years later, the celebration was moved back to the last full week of April, and it wasn’t until 2000 when the holiday’s name was changed to Administrative Professional’s Week/Day. The name change encompasses the many responsibilities and diverse job titles of various administrative staff in workplaces. Today, much of that work is recognized, and companies and businesses set aside time during Administrative Professionals Day – or even during the week – to appreciate their employees in administrative positions.

If you are an office, business, or workplace looking to showcase your appreciation for your administrative staff, visit our Administrative Professional’s Day page on our website for great flower and plant ideas. From beautiful bouquets, plants employees can take home, or simple but sweet desktop flower designs, give us a call and let Radebaughs help you show your workers the value they deserve this Administrative Professionals Week.

Welcome New Life in Spring and Easter

Spring represents a season of renewal and rebirth, where new life is celebrated and the cycle of growth begins. Its is only appropriate that the Christian holiday of Easter is set at this time, where the Resurrection exemplifies this revival of existence. Bring a little restoration into your home with some beautiful spring flowers!

Tulips are sure to add a burst of color to any garden!

The bright pastel colors of Easter are perfect for painting eggs or unwrapping vibrant Easter candies, and they look beautiful painted on lovely petals in bouquets and planters. Luminous blooms will make any table shine, look for pale pinks, sunny yellows, rosy reds, and subtle oranges for a warmer spring color scheme. Cooler Easter colors include deep purples, blues in both dark and sky tones, and of course, emerald and grass greens. Also, be sure to look out for white lilies adorning churches, offices, and homes this Easter, they symbolize purity, hope, and new life.

Discover spring gems in hydrangea.

Healthy spring plants include hydrangea, pansies, tulips, and orchids, which you can find in our greenhouses. Hydrangea plants come in all sorts of pretty spring colors, and they thrive in moist, rich soil with a range of full sun to part shade for growth. Brighten your home with our stunning indoor azaleas; they do well in cooler temperatures with filtered sunlight and damp soil.

Add a touch of whimsy this Easter!

Easter lilies – another seasonal specialty – must be protected from drafts and heat sources in your home. Water it when the soil feels dry and ensure that the plant doesn’t stay dry for any extended amount of time. Cut flower designs are also available in the shop and over the phone. Radiant daisies – including colorful gerbera daisies – are a favorite with our customers. Bred for their color and shape, their flower can size between 2-5 inches across.

Easter and springtime are recognized in all sorts of unique ways, but they do share the inclusion of flowers and plants. Welcome the season of rebirth with some floral decorations and gifts, let Radebaugh’s transform your space into a springtime garden!

A Little Bit of Saint Patrick’s Day History

Did you know that St. Patrick – the patron saint of Ireland – was not Irish? He was actually born in late 4th century Britain, which was under the Roman Empire at the time. Raised in a Christian family, he was kidnapped and brought to Ireland at the age of 16, and although he escaped and went back home to become a priest, he returned to Ireland and brought Christianity to its people. St. Patrick died on March 17th A.D. 461, but it wasn’t until the 9th or 10th century that people in Ireland began observing the date as a Roman Catholic feast Day.

Spuds O’Brien, a St. Patty’s Day Radebaugh classic!

Mythology surrounding St. Patrick’s life became more prevalent, and one of the most well-known legends involves St. Patrick relating the Holy Trinity to the three leaves of Ireland’s native clover, the shamrock, which – along with the color green – has come to symbolize St. Patrick’s Day. Later in time, prohibitions on eating meat, drinking, dancing, and other activities during the season of Lent were lifted for the holiday, allowing a break where people could celebrate.

Festivals in America – like the parades in Boston in 1737 and New York in 1762 – helped popularize St. Patrick’s Day, and when the Irish Potato Famine of 1845 drove many Irish Catholics to America, the holiday spread even more, making it the great celebration that it represents today. Even in Chicago, the river is dyed green a few days before St. Patrick’s Day, and Irish parades and festivals still take place across America around this time in March.

Squeeze a wee bit of Irish green with flowers!

Wear and plant some green this March with Radebaugh’s lovely selection of green and blooming plants. Show your St. Patrick’s Day spirit with Oxalis, beautiful true shamrocks in red/purple or green hues, or walk through our greenhouses to see more of our gorgeous plants, from colorful pansies, lush hyacinths, and brightly blooming tete-a-tetes. Don’t forget about flowers, we have pretty fresh-cut Bells of Ireland to go with any St.Patrick’s Day-themed design.

Add some Irish whimsy this March 17th with some “wearing o’ the green,” find the perfect plant or vase of flowers!


Valentine’s Day and Flowers, a Match Made in Heaven

It is almost unheard of to celebrate Valentine’s Day without flowers, and roses are practically synonymous with the holiday, but why exactly do we associate Valentine’s Day with roses and other beautiful flowers?

Roses, the ultimate flower for your Valentine!

Roses, the ultimate flowers for your Valentine!

According to ancient Greek mythology, when the goddess of love and beauty –Aphrodite – was born from the sea, white roses sprang forth on the edge of the shore. A later tale involves Aphrodite pining after her lover, whose blood mixes with her tears and stains a nearby bush of roses, changing them from white to red. As a result, the red rose has come to symbolize passion and romantic love.

Giving someone flowers because you love them started long ago. Over the years, flowers have become their own language, exemplifying more than love. Communication was – and still is – possible with a simple exchange of flowers. A bouquet of purple hyacinth represents a deep feeling of sadness and a desire for forgiveness. A daisy exemplifies loyal love, purity, and innocence. And even though color can play into association, carnations in general symbolize a woman’s love. Different legends and stories have given different flowers specific meanings. Sending a friend, family member, or loved one flowers has become a method of conveying emotion, a communication of its own creation.

Today, roses are purchased across the nation on February 14th to showcase love and adoration for that special someone. According to Bankrate, around 198 million roses were produced in 2016 for Valentine’s Day alone.

Carnations come in all sorts of colors, and they last long!

Carnations come in all sorts of colors, and they last long!

With Valentine’s Day approaching, don’t wait until the last minute to find the perfect gift for your dearest. Think about flowers and their respective meanings to make your loved one’s gift all the more special. If you want to show her your admiration and appreciation, pink roses are what you’re looking for. Thoughtfulness, charm, and graciousness can be found in cream roses. The yellow rose symbolizes joy and friendship, if you’re looking for a way to remind your Valentine she’s your best friend. Orange roses are for fascination and desire, peach roses are for intimacy, and white roses are innocence and purity. A mix of red and white roses is the perfect way to celebrate a marriage, as it represents unity.

Why not order the perfect floral gift for your loved one with Radebaugh Florist and Greenhouses? We encourage you to spread the love with one of our many Valentine’s Day designs, which are perfect for budding romances, long-lasting relationships, and even for special mothers, grandmothers, and daughters. Visit our selection of Valentine’s Day flowers on our website for more details.

Give the gift of sweet sentimentality this Valentine’s Day, and let your flowers tell your Valentine how special they are.


Christmas at Radebaugh’s


Our shop’s heartwarming Christmas hearth.

The holidays are a magical time for everyone, and for all of us here at Radebaugh Florist and Greenhouses, we know how to make the month of December even more special.

During this enchanting season, our greenhouses transform into a mystical winter wonderland with a bounty of poinsettias. The lush plants come in all sorts of shapes and sizes; they can make a statement on your dinner table, share a lovely presence in your foyer, or illuminate your desk at work. They have a wide variety of color as well, from red, pink, white, red glitter, icy punch, cinnamon, marble, or our red and white combo, the possibilities are endless. Our greenhouses are a marvel even if you just want to take pictures amidst all the vivid reds and other Christmas colors. Come inside for a truly magical holiday experience.


One of many rows of poinsettias in the greenhouses.


A cute boxwood Christmas tree.

Adjacent to our greenhouses in our parking lot, you’ll find the perfect opportunity to get a Christmas tree. Our durable Frasier Firs range from tabletop size to 10 feet tall. Don’t wait until last minute to cut down a tree, visit Radebaugh Greenhouses to find the perfect tree for your Christmas. And for fans who back the birds, we offer tabletop silk Ravens and Orioles Christmas trees. The Ravens tree and Orioles tree come in two sizes, approximately 18” and 24” tall. These sporty Christmas trees can be purchased in store, over the phone, or online. Surprise your Baltimore birds lover with one of these unique trees!

Don’t forget to stop by our flower shop, the perfect place to make Christmas shopping easy. Inside is a warm display of holiday gift ideas and presents. With scarves and sweaters, ornate dishes and platters, Christmas ornaments, and all kinds of giftware, our shop is fully equipped to offer many delightful holiday and winter goodies for family and friends. End the search for Christmas presents and visit us on East Burke Avenue in Towson for all your holiday shopping!



Bringing the Thanksgiving Table Together

A full cornucopia in Great Gathering.

A full cornucopia in Great Gathering.

What would Thanksgiving be without a table? Between all the travel, catching up with family, and food preparation, there’s time set aside for loved ones to gather around the table and give thanks. Make that special moment with family all the more memorable with the perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Bright and lively colors in Autumn Blaze.

Bright and lively colors in Autumn Blaze.

Here at Radebaughs, we have plenty of options for your Thanksgiving table. Our designs range from rustic to modern and our sizes vary between small, medium, and large. Great Gathering showcases the quintessential Thanksgiving look, a grand cornucopia with an abundant spread of vibrant fresh flowers and other fall accents including grapes, wheat, and a miniature pumpkin. Autumn Blaze offers a classical design, a two candle centerpiece with bright yellows, reds, and autumn leaf accents. For lovers of softer jewel tones and a country autumn atmosphere, there is Bronze Beauty, a lovely Thanksgiving-in-the-country themed centerpiece.

Soft textures in Falling Feathers.

Soft textures in Falling Feathers.

Falling Feathers presents a more unique approach to your Thanksgiving table. This design has an airy and magical ambiance with clean greenery, lilies, berries, graceful feathers, and a miniature white pumpkin. Turning Leaf is another creative solution for your Thanksgiving table; it has carnations, gerbera daisies, and cattails to create a warm and cozy fall garden. Whatever way you spend Thanksgiving this year, whether it’s enjoying a meal with your family, watching football at night, or simply being thankful for what you have, make it a Thanksgiving to remember with an elegant centerpiece. Browse our website and check the Thanksgiving flowers tab to see all of these wonderful designs and more!