Valentine’s Day and Flowers, a Match Made in Heaven

It is almost unheard of to celebrate Valentine’s Day without flowers, and roses are practically synonymous with the holiday, but why exactly do we associate Valentine’s Day with roses and other beautiful flowers?

Roses, the ultimate flower for your Valentine!

Roses, the ultimate flowers for your Valentine!

According to ancient Greek mythology, when the goddess of love and beauty –Aphrodite – was born from the sea, white roses sprang forth on the edge of the shore. A later tale involves Aphrodite pining after her lover, whose blood mixes with her tears and stains a nearby bush of roses, changing them from white to red. As a result, the red rose has come to symbolize passion and romantic love.

Giving someone flowers because you love them started long ago. Over the years, flowers have become their own language, exemplifying more than love. Communication was – and still is – possible with a simple exchange of flowers. A bouquet of purple hyacinth represents a deep feeling of sadness and a desire for forgiveness. A daisy exemplifies loyal love, purity, and innocence. And even though color can play into association, carnations in general symbolize a woman’s love. Different legends and stories have given different flowers specific meanings. Sending a friend, family member, or loved one flowers has become a method of conveying emotion, a communication of its own creation.

Today, roses are purchased across the nation on February 14th to showcase love and adoration for that special someone. According to Bankrate, around 198 million roses were produced in 2016 for Valentine’s Day alone.

Carnations come in all sorts of colors, and they last long!

Carnations come in all sorts of colors, and they last long!

With Valentine’s Day approaching, don’t wait until the last minute to find the perfect gift for your dearest. Think about flowers and their respective meanings to make your loved one’s gift all the more special. If you want to show her your admiration and appreciation, pink roses are what you’re looking for. Thoughtfulness, charm, and graciousness can be found in cream roses. The yellow rose symbolizes joy and friendship, if you’re looking for a way to remind your Valentine she’s your best friend. Orange roses are for fascination and desire, peach roses are for intimacy, and white roses are innocence and purity. A mix of red and white roses is the perfect way to celebrate a marriage, as it represents unity.

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Give the gift of sweet sentimentality this Valentine’s Day, and let your flowers tell your Valentine how special they are.