Welcome New Life in Spring and Easter

Spring represents a season of renewal and rebirth, where new life is celebrated and the cycle of growth begins. Its is only appropriate that the Christian holiday of Easter is set at this time, where the Resurrection exemplifies this revival of existence. Bring a little restoration into your home with some beautiful spring flowers!

Tulips are sure to add a burst of color to any garden!

The bright pastel colors of Easter are perfect for painting eggs or unwrapping vibrant Easter candies, and they look beautiful painted on lovely petals in bouquets and planters. Luminous blooms will make any table shine, look for pale pinks, sunny yellows, rosy reds, and subtle oranges for a warmer spring color scheme. Cooler Easter colors include deep purples, blues in both dark and sky tones, and of course, emerald and grass greens. Also, be sure to look out for white lilies adorning churches, offices, and homes this Easter, they symbolize purity, hope, and new life.

Discover spring gems in hydrangea.

Healthy spring plants include hydrangea, pansies, tulips, and orchids, which you can find in our greenhouses. Hydrangea plants come in all sorts of pretty spring colors, and they thrive in moist, rich soil with a range of full sun to part shade for growth. Brighten your home with our stunning indoor azaleas; they do well in cooler temperatures with filtered sunlight and damp soil.

Add a touch of whimsy this Easter!

Easter lilies – another seasonal specialty – must be protected from drafts and heat sources in your home. Water it when the soil feels dry and ensure that the plant doesn’t stay dry for any extended amount of time. Cut flower designs are also available in the shop and over the phone. Radiant daisies – including colorful gerbera daisies – are a favorite with our customers. Bred for their color and shape, their flower can size between 2-5 inches across.

Easter and springtime are recognized in all sorts of unique ways, but they do share the inclusion of flowers and plants. Welcome the season of rebirth with some floral decorations and gifts, let Radebaugh’s transform your space into a springtime garden!