Our Prize Pumpkin, A Radebaugh’s Seasonal Specialty

We love everything about autumn here at Radebaugh’s Florist and Greenhouses. Our feelings for this time of year really show through one of our seasonal designs, Prize Pumpkin, which blends flowers with fall.


A jewel tone color scheme in a clean white pumpkin.

Each year, we work hard to craft a different floral creation to go with our special pumpkin “vase.”  Unlike pumpkins we’ve used in the pa
st, this year’s pumpkin is white, which is more durable a
nd longer-lasting than orange pumpkins. The color also makes for a great complement to the flowers, which for this year, include roses, hypericum, and a bright and full orange lily, all in a lovely mix of jewel tones to fill our pumpkin. This delightful seasonal design is unique in its construction; first, we prepare the pumpkins by carving a hole at the top to fit the flowers. We make sure to save the cut top and its stem for the pumpkin’s “lid,” which hangs to the side of the pumpkin to leave the effect that it is open. Next, we clean and prepare them for our designers, who then complete the perfect look by filling the pumpkin with lush greens and flowers. The process requires a fair amount of teamwork and creativity. We keep a couple pumpkins on hand so customers can place their orders for these special designs.


Perfect for your autumn doorstep or porch.

These one-of-a-kind pumpkin and flower designs are the ultimate autumn sensation. They look lovely on porches, decks, and front steps, and can go great with a tub of blooming mums or asters from our greenhouses. The pumpkins are also safe to move inside for all of your indoor fall decoration needs. Along with the real pumpkin used in this design, we also offer ceramic pumpkin containers for our other beautiful autumn designs. Be sure to check out this charming Prize Pumpkin before autumn is over, and come visit our shop in Towson for more fall flowers and gifts, and stop by our greenhouses for pumpkins, green and blooming seasonal plants, and more fall fun!