Radebaugh Florist & Greenhouses

Radebaugh Florist offers the best selection of beautiful farm fresh plants in Baltimore. We operate two greenhouses. One is a wholesale greenhouse, where we grow and nurture plants for future sale. The other facility is a retail greenhouse, open to the public for shopping. The retail greenhouse is located in the Towson, Maryland area.

Plants make great gifts. They are beautiful and brighten up any room. Plants are a flexible gift. People send plants for all types of occasions, including; birthdays, anniversaries, get well, funerals and more.

Radebaugh Florist sells a wide selection of beautiful green plants. We offer kalanchoe, dracanena, deffienbachia, sansevieria geometricus and spathiphyllum. Our flowering plant collection is wonderful and includes an extensive selection of flowering plants, dish gardens, flowering canoe baskets, succulents, orchids and tropical plants. The flowering canoe baskets we sell are extremely popular. They are generally available for purchase year round.

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