Tulip Care

☀️ Sunlight ☀️

Indirect sunlight

🌡️ Water Temperature 🌡️


💧 When to Change Water 💧

Daily or every other day

A mix of red, yellow and purple tulips inside a white pitcher

How to Care for Fresh-Cut Tulips and Make Them Last Longer

Once your tulips have arrived, you'll want to remove any foliage that falls below the vase's waterline and give the stems a trim at a 45-degree angle. Display your tulips in a tall vase at least half the height of your tulips and away from windows, drafts, stoves, and air conditioning or heating units. Tulips are one of the rare blooms that continue to grow in their vase once cut, so be sure to select one that gives them enough room to stretch out.

Fill the vase generously with water -- about ¾ of the way. Too much sunlight will allow the tulip blooms to open quickly, resulting in a shorter life span. Cold water will also prevent the blooms from opening up too soon. While changing their water every other day, be sure to clean the vase and give the tulip stems a fresh trim.

Pro Tip:

As tulips mature, they tend to grow towards sunlight, twisting and turning into living pieces of modern art. If your tulips begin to droop, you can embrace their natural growth and beauty, turn their vase so the flowers reach toward the sunlight, trim the stems a little shorter, or keep the tulips in a cooler, darker location.

Caring for Tulip Bulbs